Images of Life. 

Mountains. Oceans. Coffee shoppes. Early mornings. Late nights. Laughter. Love. People. 

We scroll through our Instagram feeds and we have images, plethora of images that mirror the beauty of this world, the mystery of earth, and the joy of our individual lives. 

Someone may scroll through my feed and quickly learn a lot of things about me. This is what I often hear:

You’re a hipster. You love photography, music, working out, healthy eating, coffee, my goodness do you ever love coffee shoppes, and you love the outdoors. 

Images. Little images of my life. 

I love all those things, but I have realized that my love for things comes through a greater love. My deep love for God grows with every anticipating second. I’m awed by His beauty, mesmerized by the beauty of the earth and His creation I’m surrounded by and drawn to questions and pondering as I listen, create, and learn from other images, other people and other stories. 

I try to capture the images of life because I want people to realize that you don’t have to go far to see beauty. Even in the dark moments of life, I’m drawn to an image of light, an image of  raw human emotion that reminds me about the depth of authenticity. 

Oh, what beauty there is in knowing the Creator and the greatest photographer of all time. Seriously. Think about it for a moment. I’m just sort of blown away.

I was scrolling through my explore feed and kept coming across take your breath away type photos. And, it sort of hit me. These images are a glimpse of the One who steals our breath away. 

It’s a beautiful thing. We all have images. I view life through a photographer lens. Continually. I see images wherever I go. Some may think it’s strange, but I think it’s a part of who I am. I’m a creator. I’m a visionar. I view life through the Artist’s paintbrush. This is why I love photography. Not for the amount of likes on a photo. I purely enjoy it for creating and showing others how beautiful life is and most importantly, how wonderful our Creator is. These images are only a glimpse into the mystery and beauty of His creative hand. 

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