Colliding Stories. 

California. Colorado. Wisconsin. Washington. Louisiana. Maryland. 

I have friends scattered throughout the U.S. 

God has placed so many divine friendships in my life recently. It’s hard to explain, it can’t be put into words. And, it’s difficult. Because people who I love, people who I want to just go hang out with on a regular basis, I can’t. They are in different parts of the country. 

It’s an awesome thing, though.  I don’t know what God is doing in my life right now. I don’t know where I will be in a year. It’s frightening, but exciting at the same time. I have  a group of friends who are praying for me all over the U.S. and quite honestly, I may not be in California forever, but that’s okay, because God has shown me that no matter where I go, no matter what leaps of faith I take, He will place people in my life who mean more than words to me. He places people in our lives at the exact season that we need them to be there. 

Our stories collide. And, suddenly, we can’t imagine life without those people. It’s a rare and beautiful thing. 

I can’t describe it, so I wrote a poem to try to capture the depth of how I feel. 

{Our stories have collided together. 

some say it’s fate. I say it’s divine. 

When we take a chance, one moment in time can add a plethora of words to this storybook called life. 

and, we, as mere human beings allow our photographs, our words, our actions, our hopes, and our dreams to be shared

It’s the testament of God’s story that is being written with His breath
You share your story. And, I begin to share mine. 
No coincidence. I now understand the statement “Take a leap of faith”

Your story, my story, somehow they are interconnected, 
If we take the time to listen, 

We’ll understand that our pages are supposed to collide.

God’s story unfolds. Another friendship. Some say it’s fate. I say it’s divine.
We both understand,

Our stories were supposed to collide, for with the turning of pages, the transition of chapters suddenly makes sense.}

//thankful for every friendship that God has recently placed in my life.//

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