Discovering Maryland.

 For those of you who don’t know, I am currently in Maryland. If you follow me on Instagram, hopefully you recognize that I, by no means, am in California anymore. And, what a different world it is out here. It is crazy how different life is from the East Coast and the West Coast.

When I first arrived, several people asked me, “So, what’s different?”
It’s hot, really hot. But, it’s also humid, which makes 80 degree temperatures quite miserable.

And, of course, the culture is quite different. You won’t find a group of people carrying around their yoga mats and going to the Pilates class being held at Lululemon. The nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away. Pressed juiceries, kale, and quinoa is sort of a foreign concept. (I was lovingly teased for putting Chia Seeds in my post-workout smoothie this morning.) I realize more than ever how much the whole health craze is a part of California’s culture.

It’s a different world out here. While there are definitely people who workout and eat healthy, it’s a different vibe than what I am used to. For me, it is a good change of pace. It is allowing me to take a deep breath every morning and live in the moment of today.

And, in just a few short days, the people here have taught me so much about life. People take the time to slow down; it isn’t so fast paced like it is living in Los Angeles. People are so hospitable and when they say “My pleasure,” it is so genuine and heartfelt. And, while everything is so rural, as I am used to having three coffee shoppes within a block’s walk rather than the first one being 15 minutes away, it is so peaceful. I feel as though I’ve been placed in a storybook. The colonial style homes are absolutely darling, the fields are breathtaking, the deer roam free(everywhere), and there is so much green.

While I am loving it out here, although I could do without the humidity and the bugs, I know that golden California still has my heart.

Yet, Maryland is my home for the summer,and I couldn’t be more thankful. I have found that this time that is being spent interning at Bro.and Sis. Staten’s church is a time of refreshment. Just as I hope to bless these people, these people have already blessed me in so many different ways.

I will write often of my experiences here and hope to encourage anyone who is hesitant in taking a leap of faith. When I first decided to fly out here, I made the decision in faith. God gave me so much peace with the decision, and already, I have seen how this place in this season is exactly where I am supposed to be. It is a season of preparation and restoration. It is a time where I am being challenged in ministry, yet due to the challenge, I am growing significantly(and, I’ve only been here for three days! I can’t imagine what else God is going to do in my life over these next couple months.)

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would find myself spending my summer here. This is only the beginning of discovering Maryland.

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