Enjoy the Process.

Standing on the sidewalk, I watch as thousands of people walk on by, in which a majority of them are on their cellphone. I watch as the traffic on the 110 is backed up for several miles and I recognize how individuals don’t even take a break during their lunch hour. Reading the pages of the Los Angeles Times, this city, just like the next, is a story of busyness.

Work from 7-3:30, one theology research paper to write, promotional material for The Bridge Student Network(my church’s youth group) to create, summer housing to apply for, one meeting to attend. Monday.

Work from 7-3:30, meeting for a presentation, preparation for bible study lesson, church from 6-9. Tuesday.

class, meeting, class, two papers to write, class, presentation, bible study, errands, work. My Day.

I am caught in this moment where I am one face in a sea of a thousand people, another one of those faces on the Los Angeles metro. My mind works from Point A to Point B. It’s about finishing all of the tasks at work. Its about finals being over. It’s about making sure this and that is done. It’s about pulling all of this off.

It’s about the destination.

But, I have to ask, is it really just about the destination? We are so focused on what lies ahead. We are ready for the weekend. We are ready for life after graduation. We are ready for a new job. We are ready for the next season. We are ready for the future.

My planner is filled with things to do, places to be and schedules to adhere to. Life gets busy. But, here’s the thing. Due to our culture, most likely, life will always be busy. But, if we aren’t careful, we will allow busyness to be the author of our days.

Instead, today is a process…to enjoy the process of getting my degree, to enjoy the process of creating, to enjoy the process of teaching young people, to enjoy the process of singleness and then marriage, to enjoy the process of ministry,to enjoy the process of being mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, to enjoy the stages of planning out post-grad life, a new career, a wedding, or whatever it might be.

“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.” -U2

From the moment we open our eyes until the moment we close them, we can choose to make today beautiful. When we take moments to be present and try not to get so wrapped up in the to do list and the destination, we can enjoy the journey. While our days might be stressful, take moments to enjoy the little things and find joy in the every day ordinary. It’s your choice. Every day is a beautiful day to be alive. We are so beyond blessed(this is an understatement),and if we aren’t careful, we won’t recognize the beauty in the every day small blessings, in the gift of today. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Today, this day, is a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.

C.S. Lewis once stated, “Isn’t if funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, you realize just how much has changed.” It is the same with our lives. We are in a process of becoming, and we are in a process of arriving. Sometimes, the day by day isn’t always a whole lot of fun, but it can be an enjoyable process if we allow it to. This season of life, today, is exactly where you are meant to be.

Embrace the journey. Enjoy the process. 

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