Faith is believing when you cannot see,

Faith is holding on when everything keeps slipping out of your hands,

Faith is trusting in the One who sees ahead,

Faith is giving when you aren’t receiving,

Faith is surrendering when the world invites you to conforming,

Faith is receiving daily manna,

Faith is not worrying about what the bank account numbers say,

Faith is knowing He will always provide,

Faith is being strong when others are feeling weak,

Faith is going the extra mile 

Faith is the substance for all things hoped for,

It pushes me

It breaks me

It calms me

It reassures me

It tests me,

It’s as though in the storms and trying times,

God is asking Do you really trust me?

Works without faith makes a dead man

I have expectations,

Such great expectations,

I have faith when every ounce of my body is barely holding on.

Days go by, months, years

Prayers unanswered

We stop. We give up. We can’t see the finish line.

But, God asks “Will you visualize with me? For one moment,  Will you believe in my promise. The promise of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”

Their promise didn’t always come right away,

So, while you are waiting,

Keep praying,

Keep praising,

Keep thanking Him

like He’s already done it.

Faith is more than a prayer, it’s more than a song, it’s more than going to church, it’s more than reading your bible

Faith is believing when every door has shut,

Faith is seeking even while you have not found,

Faith delivers hope, a hope that recognizes Jesus is more than enough,

And, in Jesus name, I believe. 

Even when everyone else keeps saying no, 

I will turn my eyes from the waves and towards the undeniable, all powerful, impossible God who whispers:

Trust me. Have faith, my child. Have faith. 

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